Minor Project – thrashing.

Minor project – thrashing

written and performed by Qondiswa James
creative production by Jabu Newman
director of photography and editing by Elijah Ndoumbe
sound score and design by Dani O’Neil
dop assist and set technician by Baz Panini
second camera by Anele Selekwa

In this first project I began by theorising around busking. I saw busking as all performances of labour done in front of the public i.e., street vendors, shoe-shiners, streetsweepers etc. This allowed me to theorise around the ‘artist’ as a worker, more specifically as a ‘cultural worker’. I assert that the performance itself, as an intervention into the socio-political stasis produced by neoliberal democracy, became a “temporary autonomous zone” (Bey, 1985) exploring ideas around civil disobedience, and responding to the increased surveillance of working-class communities in South Africa through military deployments and other policing strategies.