Invisible Insurrections in Temporary Autonomous Zones

“Revolution is closed, but insurgency is open. For the time being we concentrate our force on temporary power surges, avoiding all entanglements with permanent solutions. The map is closed, but the autonomous zone is open. Metaphorically it unfolds within the fractal dimensions invisible to the cartography of control.” (Bey, 1985: 97)

From the perspective of this research, we are workers engaged in cultural resistance, informal traders cum freelancers on stages and street corners. Our work is embedded in the culture of our community, responds to it, emerges from it, and aims to create dialogue between people in the community. Our work operates in and emerges from the free zone. Removed from the action of social censure, our work becomes a place of research and experimentation regarding its critical and liberatory functions – social inquiry, activism, subversion, deconstruction, intervention, transgression, imagining, reconstruction, and provocation. Our work poses critical questions about the paradox of freedom under capitalism. Our work responds to the violence of the system’s commodification of our work in the first place. Our work responds to the impossibility of the task at hand, to aid in the destruction of the current system – the whole gamut of political society, from governments to unions to companies and the greed of individuals in power – and to simultaneously reconstitute dreamlabs, or imaginariums which are communities collectively devising and experimenting with alternative modes of being. Our work is a fledgling flight, a delicate experiment with the temporary autonomous zone.